Take a sip of Calavento Orange and close your eyes. The mind traveks back to sun-kissed vineyards, where the sound of one’s steps meets the fragrant scent of ripening grapes. While the mind recalls this memory, the senses discover the wine natturalness and identity, intrinsically tied to the Apulian territory.

In the same way as Apulia has been home to civilization with millennia-old traditions, the productions of orange wines also stems from a distant past. The choice of creating an orange wine nowadays is a way of rediscovering an ancient wine-making practice, while conjungating it with the contemporary agronomic and oenological know-how.  Calavento Orange i s the result of this combination and an occasion for the characteristics of our Malvasia Bianca to achieve their full expression.

The prolonged contact with skins allows for the enhancement of the wine flavors and for the interpretation of the peculiarities of our terroir and vineyards. Especially in the case of orange wines, skins define the wine uniqueness. Due to this reason, the wine making process must be carried out with sustainable agricultural methods, capable of prreserving the plant health and environment while allowing to obtain grapes of the highest quality.

Calavento Orange is produced from a small plot of 0,8 hectars within the “Tucci” vineyard (2ha) in Leverano. The heterogeneous nture of the alluvial soils, combined with the maritime climate, creates a unique environment for the cultivation of white Malvasia. The calcareous-sandy nature of the soil guarantees a good structure for the development of roots in depth. We use organic compost with barley and clover in order to reinforce the structure of the soil giving the subsoil vital lymph, essential for the nourishment of microorganisms which surround the roots and populate the subsoil. This combination creates a balanced ecosystem that gives the wine identity and personality.


Manual harvest of malvasia Bianca grapes.


After a night in cold storage rooms, a second manual selection of the grapes on the sorting table and subsequent destemming take place.


Natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts and maceration in stainless-steel tanks: the skins remain in contact with the must for about 20 days.


The prolonges skin contact allows for the extraction of color, aromatic flavors and tannins.


Removal of skins.


Maturation in stainless-steel tanks and terracotta amphorae.




The terracotta amphora was probably the first container for winemaking in history. We have decided to use the aphorae, since their high thermal insulation capacity and porosity allow for a slow passage of oxygen, essential for the wine evolution, without imparting any additional flavors. The identity of the varietal is therefore intact and enhanced.


Wine varietal and terroir, the true pillars of Calavento Orange, will unveil sip by sip. Golden color with orange shades; the wide bouquet opening to the nose ranges from honey to chamomile, from herbs to salty notes. At the palate, velvety tannins and well-balanced acidity with a good combination between freshness and smoothness. Good aging potential.


12/14°C, cool not cold.


Large glass, so that the wine can open up completely and develop its aromatinc complexity.


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